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Glamour sells and Dubai knows how to do it.

The practice of having glamorous female models promoting a product has perhaps started with the automobile industry.

In the earlier days of pictorial advertising, in which full-page magazine or newspaper spreads would draw people’s attention, car ads would feature people. Women were typically conservatively dressed–as per the times–and often joined by a man or a family. It comes as no surprise then that women started appearing at glamorous car shows promoting the latest vehicles to–what was at the time–largely male consumers.

Elizabeth Smith — Miss Hawaiian Tropic Beauty 2014 — at the New York International Auto Show.

As the levels of conservatism waned in society, so did the modesty that was allowed in ads and at car shows. Outfits became more revealing, as companies followed the “glamour sells” mantra.

In Dubai, it is not uncommon to find attractive, glamour dolls at events, exhibitions, trade shows, road shows and now even at the cricket leagues. But there is a lot that goes into just placing some eye-candy next to your product. Apart from the strict guidelines on timings that need to be followed (as most promoters are paid on hourly basis), there is also intense product training involved. Don’t go about asking a promoter, “Are you just a model?”. They are models, but have been imparted product knowledge good enough to sustain a basic conversation.

So, if you are presentable and possess a good gift of the gab, can you sustain a life in Dubai living as a promoter. The answer is definitely, maybe.

Here are some situations, if you are seeking to live a promoter life in Dubai.

Sales Promoters at Events & Exhibitions

On a fixed salary basis that could range from AED 1,000 – 4,500 and/or sales incentive based that could be based on a daily target or per unit sale.

Glamour Promoters at Events & Exhibitions

On a fixed salary basis that could be up to AED 5,000 for a long Exhibition such as GITEX Shopper that lasts for 8 days with each day having 10 working hours. Or on a per-day basis that could range from AED 250 – 1000.

Hostesses at single day events

Mostly on a per-hour basis from AED 100-500 per hour.

Product Promotions at Malls

Usually for the duration of the promotion which could be AED 1,000-5,000 per month. Or hourly basis (evening hours only or weekends only) with up to AED 100 per hour.

Product Promotions at Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Usually on a fixed salary that could be upto AED 3,000 per month.

There has been a mushrooming of Agencies providing Promoter Services in Dubai and the UAE. The usual networking is required in order to get into their database. But normally after a first assignment, it is up to the Promoters on how to capitalize on it to make sure they are busy throughout the month.

Promoter work in the UAE can be lucrative but sporadic. Each promoter needs to develop a brand image that is based on references, networking and a basic ability to be out there and seek newer assignments. And of course, all this assuming you have that glamour quotient to start with.
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